Healthy New Year

January 05,2017

We've finally got past the big crescendo of the festive season with New Years Eve… it’s that time of the year all over again… time to make that all important New Year Resolution! After a 3-4 month long season of over indulgence, its time to undo the damage! Help Happy Belly, help you… ;)

According to statistics, the top 5 most popular resolutions around the world are:
1. Lose weight

The good news: Those of us who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain our goals than people who don't. The bad news: Only 8% of people who make New Year's resolutions are able to succeed at them entirely to their satisfaction. 

Happy Belly solution: This one is pretty straight forward; food habits can single handedly make or break the success of this resolution. Happy Belly to the rescue!

2. Get organised 


Happy Belly advice:

-Get rid of clutter and donate things that other people will have more use for.

-Segregate and label your things.

-Clean room by room.

-Simplify your everyday lives… limit hobbies and commitments so you can slow down and give each your very best!

3. Spend less, save more


Happy Belly advice:

 -Divide your income into 3 portions: one to cover past expenses such as pending payments, one for  future expenses and one for immediate expenses such as urgent home improvement.

 -Keep emergency money handy… and use only in an emergency!

 -Get rid of credit cards.

 -Make, and stick to, a budget.

4. Enjoy life more

The first and most important part of this resolution is to be good to yourself. 

Happy Belly Advice: Do more things that you enjoy and make you happy; and be around people who you enjoy and make you happy.

5. Get fit and healthy


For the average person, a good fitness program consists of exercises that work out the whole body. Our bodies need to be stimulated in order to become more fit. 

There's the workout, to begin with, and the diet plan, too. 

Healthy eating is an essential part of a good fitness program. A person who works out a lot but does not nourish the body properly could be sabotaging or hiding the fruits of his labor.

So find the correct balance for yourself and scratch each one off your list!


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