Children and Snacking: The Dos and Don'ts

August 15,2016

Not so long ago, snacking usually meant munching on unhealthy foods that

one wouldn’t traditionally include in their meals. Meals were considered to

be the main source of nourishment. Snacking, on the other hand, mostly

meant eating nibbles between regular meals that were of low nutritional

value, hence, it was an activity to be limited if not avoided.

However, what snacking means has changed over time. These days health conscious

people believe that snacks can, in fact, help people in getting their

recommended daily intake of carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins and

minerals. These energy adding tidbits, treats, and even ’mini-meals’ are now

considered to be as important as the main meals.

Everyone loves a good snack

Smart Snacking for Children

Healthy snacking is not a something that is limited to adults only. These days,

most parents recognize that snacks not only help in dealing with a child’s

hunger pangs but also that they provide the opportunity to add some

essential nutrients to their child’s daily diet.

The nutritional requirements of children differ from adults, although they

require the same nutrients from food as adults do, they need these nutrients

in larger quantities for growth and to provide them with energy. Snacks, in

addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, can be designed to power them with

the macro nutrients and micro nutrients that are essential for their

development and health.

Truth is, children love to snack. Snacks are usually dressed up in a way that

appeals to their eyes as well as their taste buds. Plus, where food is

concerned, for them it is something a little out of the ordinary. Also, as most

parents already know, the more you say ‘no’ to something the more a child

wants it. Most kids get hungry between meals. Feeding them nutritious

tidbits, treats, and ’mini-meals’ at such times makes sense. Instead of

eliminating snacky foods from their diet altogether it would be wiser to

substitute unhealthy snacks with those that are nutrient dense.

Nutritious snacks help keep kids healthy

Get It Right

We’re not saying that you should allow them to binge on whatever they like

and whenever they feel like it. What we’re saying is that rather than using a

blanket approach to snacking, monitor it. Ensure that you feed them snacks

that are fresh, nourishing, and above all, are preservative-free. Don’t buy stuff

that sits on the shelves of grocery stores for months. Buy quality- snacks from

a trusted source.

Regulate what they munch on and how often they snack. If you provide them

with nutritious, delicious, and eye-catching snacks then you can easily

address the mid- meal food cravings without doing damage to their health.

Snacking is not only okay for children but also desirable as long as you make

sure that you feed them:

1. The right snack

2. The right quantity

3. At the right time

The Healthy Snacking Solution for Your Children

You’re probably thinking, “Easier said than done. How do I add variety,

nutrition, and taste to their snacks every day.” Well, we understand how you

feel. Unless you plan well in advance and spend a good amount of time in

the kitchen on a daily basis it is difficult to provide them with nutritionally

diverse snacks. This is where we come in. With our service you can have kid friendly

healthy snacks delivered to your doorstep daily, weekly fortnightly, or

monthly. Also, we’ve designed a snack box especially for them.

This box contains goodies that will not only be a hit with the kids but also charge them

with energy through the day and fuel their growth. Also, alternately, you can

choose a snack or a combination of snacks from our open menu that you

prefer for your child.


Try our ‘Munchkins’ snack box today!

Make good snack choices for your kids. This will not only have an impact on

their health but will also help in inculcating healthiness long-term habits in



Interesting read about a new perspective. Earlier 3 square meals were given such importance that mothers were stuck feeding their children for hours just to get them down! Now with this ideology as long as we provide the right kind of snack at the right times, that stress is eliminated and children learn to eat themselves... A win-win situation! Now Happy Belly has gone a step further in providing us with the perfect healthy treats for our kids, so that's a win-win-win!

  2016-06-21 18:17:39  Ashwini Shevde

Thanks to your article, now I have the perfect snack box to order every time I have to baby sit my niece. She absolutely LOVED Munchkins snack-box. Whenever I have to babysit my niece I get strict instructions from my sister not to give her chips and cold drink. The problem is after a while of playing she gets hungry and wants me to give her chips

  2016-06-29 16:27:11  Shweta Rai

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