Everyone, be it single people, office-goers, home-makers, the health conscious, and big & small families, spends considerable mental and emotional energy, on a daily basis, looking for the right Snacks to munch on . Tidbits that take care of their food cravings, whet their appetite or help achieve their nutrition goals. This is where the idea of 'Happy Belly' came from. To provide people with a service that helps them with their daily challenge of healthy snacking. Making it convenient for them to Eat Better and to Eat Well.


These days, schedules are hectic and it is getting harder for people to lead a wholesome lifestyle. We recognize this fact and it is our aim to make it easier for people to snack healthy. We want to make conveniently available to them a wide range of exclusive snacks that are distinctive in taste and add to their overall wellbeing. Goodies that are nutritious, fresh, delicious, like home-cooked food, and are from a trusted source.


We want to take snacking to the next level. We've collaborated with the best kitchens to bring you hygienically prepared flavorsome snacks that are carefully crafted to help you meet your dietary goals. No greasy, stale, artificially colored, spurious food. We use only the choicest quality ingredients. Also, our range of nibbles is simply irresistible; they will blow your mind! Each snack has an unforgettable taste, texture, aroma, and packs a nutritional punch. You will relish each bite of these 'gourmet goodies'.


It takes two to tango


Neha, a true-blue Puneite, is a nature enthusiast and an animal lover. She completed her graduation from the Gemological Institute of America, California, in 2005, and is well known for designing her own range of jewellery for an international clientele using exquisite, precious and semi-precious stones. She wears more hats than one. She is a volunteer with many animal welfare organizations in Pune and used to help out as a medical nurse at the Katraj Snake Park. She has been actively involved with the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of Madhya Pradesh in creating awareness campaigns for tiger conservation. In her spare time, she pursues her passion of wildlife photography. Neha's zest for life is infectious and she's constantly looking to add the 'wow' factor to the Happy Belly snacks.

First thing you do every morning?
I love to start my day with yoga.

What excites you about 'Happy Belly'?
The opportunity to provide wholesome snacks for conscious families.

First tiger sighting?
Two tigers at a waterhole in Bandhavgarh on a lovely winter morning.

Your daughter's favorite snack?
Anandita just can't get enough of Choco Stars


Mahima is quintessentially creative, and her hobbies, interests and work are a reflection of this. She began her artistic journey at a young age by performing in school plays and dramas. During college, she worked with Synergy Communications on some of our nation's most watched shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati and Mastermind India. Post receiving her bachelor's degree in English Literature she went on to do a diploma course relating to the many aspects of film making from the University of Southern California. She moved to Mumbai as an assistant director for ads and feature films; some of the more popular movies that she's been a part of are Khosla Ka Ghosla and Fanaa. As a parent, she believes that 'eating right' is extremely important for young children as it shapes their dietary habits as grown ups.

First stage performance?
The one that stands out in my memory is from class 4, singing and dancing in a Jhansi ki Rani school musical.

Why did you start 'Happy Belly'?
It started as research for our own consumption and we soon realized it was something that a lot of people were looking for!

Favourite movie?
The French film, 'Amelie'.

The healthiest snack?
All our snacks are healthy in their own special way, but my personal favorite is the Super Cereal...taste bhi, health bhi ;)